When choosing a gas hob, have you ever wondered about the difference between butane gas and propane gas? Today we clarify the differences.

Butane gas

Butane gas is a saturated hydrocarbon that is obtained by slowly heating oil. This is mainly used for domestic consumption, namely for cooking, heating water and the house, etc.

Propane Gas

As for propane gas, it is mainly used for professional consumption, namely in hotels and restaurants, industry and services.

The purpose of these 2 fuels is very similar, what differentiates one from the other is their chemical composition, each one has certain essential characteristics needed for their applications.

What to do in case of a gas leak?

  1. Shut off the gas supply to the cylinder you are using by closing the reducer knob and if possible place the cylinder in the open air.
  2. Contact the emergency telephone number of the company that supplied you with the gas bottle.
  3. Ventilate the air by opening doors and windows.
  4. Keep away from electrical switches and equipment, do not turn them on or off.
  5. Do not use any electronic equipment near the leak site.
  6. Turn off the electrical panel if it is not close to the place where you have the gas bottle.

What can be done to ensure safety when using gas cylinders?

  1. Cylinders should always be placed vertically.
  2. Read the operating and safety instructions before using the appliance for the first time.
  3. Always be aware of any gas leaks when you change the bottle.
  4. Leave the gas closed when you are away from home for a long period of time.
  5. Never store cylinders in places where there is no air circulation, or near sewers.

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