The main difference between a desktop and a notebook is undoubtedly portability. A notebook is easy to carry and use anywhere, while a desktop has to be fixed in one place. Opting for a refurbished equipment, can be a great choice for those who want to buy one of these products at a good price, while contributing to environmental sustainability.
But which is the best option?

Desktop Vs. Notebook – Which one should I choose?

This is a question asked a lot by several consumers during the moment of purchase, and
can only be answered after doing an analysis on what you need and will make more
sense for your personal and/or professional life.
If you like to work in different places and carry your computer everywhere, a notebook
is probably the ideal option. If on the other hand you like to be comfortable at home, on
a desk, a desktop can be a good choice. If you are able and willing, you can even get
For a better understanding of some differences that can help you figure out which
option is right for you, we’ve put together a set of helpful information.

Desktop Vs. Notebook – Price

If you don’t have great demands for the components that you want to have in a desktop,
this can be a very economical option. In turn, notebooks, despite offering a greater
diversity of components, usually have higher prices for those who want a powerful

Desktop Vs. Notebook – Portability

As previously mentioned, a notebook ends up being more convenient due to the
practicality that it presents for our daily lives, as it is easy to carry and use anywhere we
find ourselves. Although desktops can also be carried, they do not present practicality
and we can not use them anywhere because they need to be connected to electricity to

Desktop Vs. Notebook – Processor

Desktop processors have larger and more powerful processors compared to notebooks.
Some gaming notebooks also already have processors similar to those of desktops,
however they have a rather high price tag.

Desktop Vs. Notebook – Power Usage

Desktops need to be connected to electricity to power the various components inside
the computer, therefore using more energy. Laptops use less energy due to smaller

Desktop Vs. Notebook – Gaming

If you are looking for a good gaming computer, desktops are probably the best option
as they can use high-powered graphics cards with higher power requirements that
provide better resolution and heat dissipation. On the other hand, although there are
laptops that allow for a good gaming experience, they have limited physical space that
doesn’t allow for more powerful graphics cards.

Choose the one that most identifies with you

After the analysis of these differences you could better understand which is the best option for your lifestyle and your needs? In you will find numerous options of new and reconditioned desktops and notebooks.


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