Battery life is how long it is functional and can be used at full power. There are several ways to extend your iPhone’s battery life.

In this article you will find 7 tips that will help you preserve your battery, avoiding changing your phone.

Check out our top tips:

  1. Keep your IOS updated

With each update, Apple offers significant improvements in battery life so you don’t have to charge your iPhone as often.

  1. Avoid quick charges

When we are in a hurry and we have to leave the house as quickly as possible, sometimes we notice that our phone is low on battery, which makes us think that charging it for 10-15 minutes is a great idea, however it´s not. Quick charges do not allow the charging cycle to be completed, damaging the battery and decreasing its life.

  1. Always charge your iPhone with original chargers

It is difficult to find non-Apple iPhone chargers that offer quality, so it is best to use original chargers, as we are sure that they have quality, they are suitable for our mobile phone and there is no risk of damaging the battery.

  1. Prevent your mobile phone from overheating

When your phone overheats, it is important to place it in a ventilated place, as hot temperatures can damage mobile devices and their batteries. Usually, Apple devices are pretty resilient, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Use Battery Saver Mode

This iPhone option is an asset for users as it reduces screen brightness and optimizes device performance.

  1. Limit notifications

Notifications consume a lot of battery because they make the screen constantly light up. To do this simply go to your phone’s settings and click on “Notifications” then, just define which apps can show notifications and turn off the ones that aren’t so important.

  1. Avoid using heavy applications for long periods of time

You can use heavy applications, but it is important to know how to control the time you use them, as they overload the battery, decreasing its duration.

What did you think of these tips? Will you follow them in your daily life?

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