Every year, on the Monday of February, it is computer cleaning day. This year, this day was celebrated on February 14th.

The computer is a mobile device that is used more and more every day, especially by students and workers. Because it is a device that is used daily, it ends up getting dust and dirt that influence its performance, and can be the cause of strange noises and slower processing.


First of all, the ideal will be to turn off the device, so that no unwanted action is committed.

When the topic refers to the laptop, the external cleaning process is very simple and quick, you should have a microfiber cloth and a cleaning product (preferably isopropyl alcohol, in order to also ensure disinfection and reduce the conductive property of water), which will serve to clean the keyboard and the screen, since these are the areas that are most exposed to the outside.

For the fixed computer, the cleaning of the outside should be done according to the steps that should be followed for a laptop. When it comes to cleaning the inside, you need a screwdriver compatible with the screws of your equipment, a microfiber cloth and a brush with soft bristles.

The interior cleaning process consists mostly of removing the accumulated dust, this process should be carried out with care to ensure that we do not damage any part of the equipment.


You should follow these steps:

Step 1: Wipe the outside of your device with a cloth and a cleaning product;

Step 2: Now to clean the inside, start by unscrewing the side part.

Step 3: Using the soft-sawn brush, remove the dust and vacuum so that the dirt does not spread, here it is important to always be careful not to damage the components.

Step 4: Screw the side part that was initially removed back on.

Step 5: Ensure a periodic cleaning of your computer, so that it maintains a good and fast processing.


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